Graduation Hat Throw
What is Dry Grad?

Dry Grad is an event fully supervised and sponsored by parents/guardians of the graduating class.

When and where is Dry Grad?

  • Tuesday, June 29, 2021 

  • Various venues around South Delta

  • (approx.) 3:00 p.m to 12:00 a.m.

  • First, the Grads will participate in a reverse parade, then buses will transport Grads to their secret Dry Grad party locations. 

  • All grads MUST be pre-registered in order to attend and submit a completed Waiver Form

Who organizes Dry Grad?

Parents/Guardians of the graduating class are the primary organizers. The event has several committees (decorating, food, games, security, etc.)


Most committees need many more volunteers, please sign up in at least one spot to make these events for our kids a success!


Parents from the Grade 11 class are welcome to help out (and get a head start on next year!).

Please send an email to or click the Volunteer link above to find the volunteer committee information.

Dry grads require the energy and devotion of a core group of parent volunteers who do the overall planning and presentation of the party.

While students, teacher advisors, and school administrators are the primary organizers of the formal graduation ceremony, it is parents who normally take responsibility for organizing a dry grad party.

For the event itself, as many as 100 volunteers can be required. 

Our DSS Organizers will plan, promote and run fundraising events; and keep an accurate accounting of all funds received and spent; and actively approach businesses and other potential sponsors for donations and support.

Complete the two forms:

  1. DSS Dry Grad Registration Form

  2. Dry Grad Waiver (to come)

All forms will be available as they are required, so please return to the school or send via email to by April 17, 2021.


Please sign up to help us with the Reverse Car Parade on Tuesday, June 29. We will have it all planned. Just need a few folks to set it up, run it, and take it down.

What is the Reverse Parade?

In a traditional parade, the viewers sit & watch while in a reverse parade the viewers move & the “parade” stays still while families and community members drive the route slowly and can do so multiple times.

Grads will be individually assigned a location to stand 3m apart on the sidewalk. 

  • Families will be informed that vehicles may not stop 

  • Pedestrians will not be permitted to walk the route

The route and more detailed information will be provided closer to the date. 

Below is a video showing what a school in Trail, BC did for their grads.