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There are many organizations that have an interest in ensuring the safety and well-being of youth. We give thanks to those groups who are happy to support a dry grad event, demonstrating to the public that youth safety is an important consideration in their business philosophy.

We have a number of fundraising events this year that are COVID safe, but we need help spreading the word and encouraging our community members to participate. Please help us by including your friends, family or neighbours!

Dry Grad fundraising is JUST GETTING STARTED!

Grad families, ask your place of employment if they would be willing to make a donation - financial or prize item. We will place their logo on our website, on our social media, and in a thank you ad in the Delta Optimist after the event.​ 

Submit your grad's Dry Grad Registration form along with your donation as soon as possible. Any donation amount is welcome and appreciated.

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How to Submit Donations...

Donated items that can be used as Dry Grad prizes and fundraiser prizes are being collected all school year, Please contact to arrange pick  up.

Please send your financial donations and business logo to