Parade Route

Parade Route Map.jpeg


4:30-5:00 ALL Grade 12s Dropped at their Assigned Colour Group Check In table

5:00-6:00 Parade (see below for when families can enter)

6:00-6:15 Dinner only Grads arrive & Parade Only Grads leave

6:15-midnight Onto the bus to head to the next destination!

Midnight - parents/guardians pick up their grads (carpooling encouraged & a responsible adult must be present in the vehicle)

The parade takes about 10-15 minutes to drive and the City has asked for staggered parade entrance times as follows: 

BLUE Group Families will enter the parade at 5:00pm

GREEN Group Families will enter the parade at 5:15pm

YELLOW Group Families will enter the parade at 5:30pm

RED Group Families will enter the parade at 5:45pm

  • The parade route entrance is at the 51st Street & 47th Avenue Intersection.

  • Families are welcome to drive the route more than once. 

  • We encourage families to decorate cars, play music, and cheer on the grads.

  • Please remain in your vehicles at all times.

  • If the weather is too hot, consider bringing an umbrella.

  • Water & Gatorade will be provided.

  • Please listen to and respect the volunteers as they are following Fraser Health Authority protocols that we all must adhere to and that are in place so that this event can take place. 

  • PHOTOGRAPHY - we have hired a professional photographer and we have volunteer photographers documenting the evening. We have a list of who is okay having their photo taken and who is not. For privacy reasons you each shared with us, NO GRAD CAN TAKE A PICTURE OF ANOTHER GRAD WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESSED PERMISSION. 

**If you are only participating in the Dinner, please show up at your colour group check in location at 6:15pm to board the bus with your dinner group**

PRIOR to the Parade:


A COVID Health Check will be sent to you the morning of June 29th. 

You must complete this digital health check prior to 12:00pm. 


4:30-5:00pm Arrive at your assigned check in table as per the above information


DURING the parade:

  • Remain at your assigned spot.

  • Wave, cheer, have fun!

  • You have been grouped with friends - friends you chose and/or friends who chose you. 

  • At NO time are you to approach ANY vehicle during the parade.

  • The city has asked that should any pedestrian need to use the parade route sidewalks that participants and volunteers will put on a mask as they pass by.

AFTER the parade:

  • Volunteers will direct you when and how to board YOUR bus. Follow your colour!

  • Those who are only participating in the Reverse Parade can arrange to meet their parent/guardian in the student parking lot or on 47th Avenue at 6:15. 


The BUS trip:

  • Wear your mask on the bus.

  • Remain in your assigned seat until instructed to get off the bus by the security volunteers.

  • Please take any garbage or items with you when you leave the bus.


  • You have been placed in table groups for the evening.

  • Masks must be worn when not seated at your table.

  • While the grade 12s are at their venues, each family will receive an email telling them when and where to pick up their grade 12. If special arrangements are to be made, please contact



  • Be sure to take all your belongings with you including any prizes you have won.

  • Please go straight home with the responsible adult who picks you up.