• Dry Grad Executive and Committees formed

  • First Meeting of the Dry Grad Exec with Past Executive

    • Binders passed on to new members​


  • Exec and Committee Meetings:​​

    • November 14, 7pm 

    • December 14, 7pm

  • Fundraising Schedule established

    • Fundraising events:  Holiday Stock Up (Epicure, Samosas,  Neufeld Appies & Desserts, Purdy's

  • Start collecting dry grad registrations & deposits/donations from grad families (required in order to pay for booked services)


  • Exec and Committee Meetings:

    • January 11, 7pm

    • February 8, 7pm

  • Fundraising events: Paint, Eat & Drink Night


  • Exec and Committee Meetings:

    • March 8, 7pm

    • April 12, 7pm

  • Fundraising events: 

    • Photo Sessions, Purdy's Easter, Pub Night or Silent Auction, Spring Stock Up

  • Houle Waiver Due

  • Dry Grad Registrations Due



  • participate in meeting with new Dry Grad families

The Big Day...​

  • Day before Event:

    • 9:00am-til done Decorate/Set Up Lad Com Ctr.  

    • after 4:00pm Red Carpet Equipment Dropped at DSS

  • Day of Event:

    • 8:00am-2:00pm Red Carpet set up by Grade 11 Family Volunteers

      • 2:30-4:30pm grads arrive & walk red carpet (run & cleaned up by grade 11 volunteers)

      • 4:30 Grad Photo

      • 4:45-5:30 Grad and Parents/Guardian's Reception in the DSS Courtyard

        • Dry Grad Chair's Speech to grads​

        • Grad's speech to Parents/Guardians

        • Parent/Guardian-Grad dance

      • 5:30-10:00pm Grad dinner & dance at Tsw. Springs

    • 5:00pm-10:00pm - Final set up of Entertainment/Games & Food at LCC

    • 11:00pm-12:00am Dry Grad Check in (no late entries)

    • 12:00am-4:30am Dry Grad Event (adult volunteers needed throughout the night)

  • Day After:

    • 4:30am-9:00am Clean up crew​

      • Rental Companies pick up their rental equipment from DSS and LCC

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