Date and Location 
The filming of Delta Secondary’s virtual graduation event will take place at South Delta Secondary School on Monday June 22nd. Filming is scheduled to start at 9:30 am and will run until late afternoon based on the number of students participating in the event. Students should arrive on time and “camera ready”, no more than 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled time. Where possible, students should wait in parent driven vehicles along 53rd Street, facing north, adjacent to the track. Volunteers will direct students to the Cafeteria entrance at the designated time.

Dry Grad Gift and Family Portrait 
As students leave the school, they will be guided towards the Dry Grad Parent Committee photo station in the parking lot.  At the photo station, Katie Kynaston, a DSS parent and accomplished photographer, will take an individual photo of the students and one with their parents in front of a customized backdrop.  They will also pick up their Dry Grad gift bags and any pre‐purchased parent and Grad hoodies before leaving the parking lot to continue your graduation celebration as a family. 

Grad 2020 Premier Night 
We are excited to announce that on Friday, July 3rd at 7:00 p.m. our Grad 2020 Virtual Commencement will be available for premier viewing.  This will be the graduation “event” to be enjoyed with family and friends! We encourage families to organize a special evening and for the community to post their comments, photos, etc. to the hashtag #DSSGrad2020. More information regarding the webcast link will be provided via email and posted to the school website closer to the actual date.   

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