Volunteer Information

As Dry Grad is a parent-sponsored event, it is critical that all parents help out in some capacity. There is something for everyone whether it's individual shifts or more involved leadership roles. There are several committees needing volunteers. 


Follow the "Sign Up" link to be taken to the SignUpGenius website. No need to register with SignUpGenius to volunteer.  

Click here to reach our contact page or find the email at the bottom of the page to contact us to offer support.

Most of the volunteers are parents of the graduating class, but others are welcome to help out as well, especially grade 11 parents as they will want to know how this all works for their grads next year!

Thank you!

Executive Committee Positions


CHAIR: Denise Sheridan - executive@dssgrad.com

  • Oversees the committees, runs the meetings; liaises with the executive and committee chairs; helps committees coordinate efforts; is the go to person for general information; participates in executive decision making.

VICE CHAIR: LeeAnn Neaves - executive@dssgrad.com

  • Acts as chair if chair unavailable; assists chair with above duties; manages registrations of students attending event.

SECRETARY: Kim Rainey - executive@dssgrad.com  

  • Takes minutes at all meetings; distributes minutes to committee heads; participates in executive decision making.

TREASURER: Lara Taylor - treasurer@dssgrad.com

  • Keeps accurate books of all financial transactions done for Dry Grad; reports to Chair and committees; tends to banking; participates in executive decision making; creates overall budget and keeps track of committee spending.

COMMUNICATIONS: Jen Wilson - communications@dssgrad.com

  • The only person to have regular contact with Heather Bowling about information to be passed on to the parents via email; reports to chair before submitting email requests; manages website and social media; participates in the executive decision making.

PAC Liaison

Liaison: Carmen Carriere

  • Meets with PAC to liaise on gaming funds and licenses for the event. 

Fundraising Committee
Fundraising Chairs: Tanya Sadlo, Patrice Dagenais, Andrea Stewart
Contact: fundraising@dssgrad.com
  • These volunteers will pick up donations and organize, sort and categorize prizes that the fundraising committee co-ordinates.

  • A telephone fundraiser volunteer is needed with a polite and effervescent phone manner to read a short fundraising script to a supplied list of donor hopefuls.

  • The DSS  Dry Grad Fundraising Committee oversees all DSS Dry Grad fundraising activities.

  • All donors should be recognized on our social media platforms, so please share this list with Communications.

Reverse Parade Committee

Reverse Parade Chairs: Jane Knauer, Chris Lawton, Tracey Bach                                                       

  • Traditionally, Grade 11 parents help with this event on the day of so parents of the Grade 12's are able to watch their graduates walk down the Red Carpet. Your time commitment is from January onward during which time equipment, event communications, and volunteers are coordinated. The event itself runs approximately 4pm-6pm

Dry Grad Event 

Prizes Committee

Prize Committee Chairs:  Silvana Smith, Nicole Steffenelli                                                                          

  • Prizes -  Prizes are a hot commodity and year after year the grads tell us they love this part. If you like to shop with other people's money this may be the committee for you. We are looking for people who have connections and can get the best deals. (gift cards, electronics, sports equipment, event tickets, etc.).  This committee is also in charge of keeping the list of various donations. All donors should be recognized on our social media platforms, so please share this list with Communications.

Security, Registration & Coat Check

Security, Registration & Coat Check Chairs: Christy Pagani, Simon Sutter                                                            

  • We plan to contract a private security company to help maintain security before and during Dry Grad, but we need parents to assist during the night. We will need volunteers to set up and run the registration table, coat check (for Grad's possessions and prizes), oversee initial screening, and provide a friendly parent presence throughout the event to liaise with contracted security guards and Grads.  Anyone with First Aid/medical experience would also be helpful. 2-hour shifts will be available between 11pm and 4:30am.

Food Committee
Food Chairs: Nickola Wellington, Heather Beaumont
  • There will be food and beverages during Dry Grad. Volunteers will assist with preparation, food pick-up and/or food set-up and running some machines during event.

Entertainment & Games 

Entertainment & Games Committee Chairs: Rebekka Karvailis-Cates, Simon Shutter

  • We are looking for volunteers to supervise the activities during the event.  See link for times slots available. These slots can be filled by non-grad/grade 11 parents.

T-Shirts & Ticket Committee

T-Shirts & Tickets Committee Chairs: Carmen Carriere, Nicole Steffenelli

  • Each Grad will receive a T-Shirt in the days leading up to the Red Carpet and Dry Grad. We also have to produce tickets for the event and any other fundraising needs.

Decorating Committee

Decorating Committee Chairs: Fleur Smith, Michelle Poulson

  • This is a big one, and we need a large number of people (40+) to set up and decorate the community centre the day BEFORE grad. This is where it is VERY helpful to have a few strong, able bodied people around (hint, hint – dads!), as there is some heavy lifting. Your time commitment is anytime the Thursday prior. Set up starts at 9:30 a.m with unloading the container and teams work until everything is set up.  We also need a core group of volunteers involved early on with planning the theme and layouts.

Clean-Up Committee

Clean Up Committee Chairs: Silvana Smith, Stephanie Robie

  • After the event ends, we need to put all the decorations away. Typically, this takes a few hours and goes a lot faster with more people helping out. Your time commitment starts at 4:30 a.m. on the Saturday and typically runs till about 9:00a.m. It is a wise practice to communicate with the decorating committee so that all equipment is packed safely and orderly and that all rental equipment is returned to the correct companies.